Friday, January 7, 2011

Frugal Friday: Money Saving Tips and Linkage

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"He who fails to plan, plans to fail." This old Proverb could be applied to so much, but these are words that often come to mind when I consider the principles of frugality. Many spendthrifts hold fast to the principle of planning ahead: stockpiling the pantry, storing the next size of clothing for children, etc.

One small thing I do that saves loads of money when compared to my contemporaries is plan ahead for birthday parties. We love having parties for our kids, and because of some forethought, they never cost us very much. I frequently find themed party supplies on sale or clearance throughout the year. I supplement theme-specific items with products I already have or things picked up last minute from Dollar Tree or another bargain outlet.

The goody bag is a party expense that can add up very quickly if not planned for. My kiddos love to take home favors from parties, so we make sure they send favors home with their own party guests. After-holiday sales are GREAT for finding and stocking up on party favors (or stocking stuffers, teacher's gifts, tiny "thinking of you" gifts, etc). In preparation for Gracie's birthday in May, I've gathered girly things (that aren't really season specific) from the post-Christmas clearance bins -- bath soaps, little pens, blingy rings and card games. When the actual day approaches, I'll pick up an inexpensive sweet treat to include and tuck all of the goodies inside of homemade bags or brand new generic-looking ones I gather at yard sales and thrift stores year round.


  • Debbie

    Amanda, I'm just now learning to be thrifty and it really does mean planning ahead. What are some of your favorite stores to shop at? Thanks for sharing tips on Facebook for cost savings as well.

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