Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day, Year Two

Today was the first day of our second year of homeschooling -- a school year we weren't sure would happen. While we initially thought we would reevaluate our decision to homeschool at the end of each school year, we had such a successful year last year that James and I decided on homeschooling the kids until middle school, reevaluating at that time.

About a week and a half ago, though, Gracie decided she wanted to go back to public school. We felt conflicted because all the reasons we decided to homeschool still applied, while Gracie's reasons for returning to public school seemed petty -- buying a new plaid skirt, hanging out with friends, taking her lunch somewhere. (Big things to a seven-year-old, but still.) Her reasons weren't enough to immediately enroll her, still, it was clear she had some need for more, so as a family, we began praying for direction.

Long story short (is that even possible for me?!), after much discussion and consideration, and after plenteous phone calls and e-mails, we were able to miraculously get into a homeschool co-op that several people we know participate in. At the co-op, the kids will take classes based on their interests, they'll have teachers and a place to hang out with friends in a classroom setting, and they'll get the whole school experience while we still get all the advantages of homeschooling. For the kids to participate in the co-op, I'll have to serve -- in the newborn nursery with my own baby. Could it get better than that?

The co-op doesn't open for two more weeks, but we began core classes at home today. The kids enjoyed reviewing topics from last year and looking through this year's 3rd grade texts. Even Brystol was cooperative, waking to nurse at natural breaks in the day. We did have some challenges, but overall, the day went on far better than I could have hoped it would.

Here's hoping for many more days like this one...

The Kidlets

Gracie, Age 7
Bub, Age 8
Brystol, One Month


  • Stacy

    I love that bottom picture of the 3 of them! Glad you had a great 1st day, and so glad you got into a co-op to fill their need. Have a wonderful year :)

  • Randi

    So glad the first day went well ... can't wait to see you every Friday at co-op.

  • amy

    I totally thought Gracie was holding a baby doll in the first picture, until I looked closely!! :) Glad all went well... only 179 more days to go, right? ha, ha

  • Emily

    I am so glad this year is working out so well for you and your "students" all ready. That is awesome that you made it into the co-op.

  • Inanna

    Oh yay! :) We're homeschooling this year, so excited - I hate P.S. and while I know the kids will miss it in some ways, it will be so much better in others!

  • Michele

    adorable pics! I'm glad that homeschooling is working out. That is our goal also, although we have some time, LOL...

  • The Pollards

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